Fall in Love with Mexico Cities!

Writer Andrei Codrescu has often recalled, as a teen immigrant, asking a smart-aleck Detroit agent of public driving “Can I buy this bus for…” and being interrupted with “Go buy the Livernois bus.” Rude bus drivers are not as uncommon as they should be in the United States. A job seeker in Oakland, California, recalls asking several times in several ways whether a bus was going past the address he wanted. (It was.) Apparently taking a dislike to the young man, the driver repeated blandly, “This is the B route,” until the man gave up and boarded another bus. He has not gone back to Oakland since.


The Mexico Architectural Tourism Sites

Mexico’s Architecture If you plan to travel to Mexico, you will be met with a myriad of cool architectural structures worth seeing. Mexico has the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites found anywhere in the world. Today, Mexico has produced some of the greatest names in architect and who […]


Why we started El-Centro?

With so much to see in Mexico, we created this blog on tourism in Mexico so that anyone visiting the country can find good quality things to do. Starting a blog really made sense, because now we can regularly post on a variety of topics that deal with tourism to […]