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Writer Andrei Codrescu has often recalled, as a teen immigrant, asking a smart-aleck Detroit agent of public driving “Can I buy this bus for…” and being interrupted with “Go buy the Livernois bus.” Rude bus drivers are not as uncommon as they should be in the United States. A job seeker in Oakland, California, recalls asking several times in several ways whether a bus was going past the address he wanted. (It was.) Apparently taking a dislike to the young man, the driver repeated blandly, “This is the B route,” until the man gave up and boarded another bus. He has not gone back to Oakland since.

Does it count as bribery if you offer a police officer coffee? I’d just gotten a fresh cup of coffee when I was pulled over. I apologized profusely for having been driving quickly, and I offered the arresting officer coffee, saying that I hadn’t had any of it and he looked like he could use some. He took it and actually let me off with a warning. I can’t tell if I just got away with bribery or if I got away with charming the real police officer so much he let me go.

When I was a student, I came across international relationship at every step. There were almost no boys at our department of languages, and the girls were actively choosing boys from other countries. My group mate went to the USA within the student program and came home with the black fiancé… I would love to know that before, because I think black are better in sex. She didn’t finish the studies and moved to the USA for her love. This couple has a son and the boy has amazing appearance and character possessing the best features from Mom and Dad. His mother smiles, as before she didn’t listen to prejudice, only to her heart.

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